The Trap Boy and the Track Star – Lil Jake & Mar

For his much-anticipated amateur action debut, we’ve paired our popular new model Lil Jake with long-lost fan favorite Mar, the slim and sexy Jamaican athlete making a surprise return to BBA after more than TWO YEARS! We actually have Mar to thank for sending this irresistibly sexy young star in the making our way. Turns out he and Lil Jake have been “friends with benefits” for awhile, and luckily when we decided to hire Lil Jake, we were also able to talk the sorely missed Mar into coming out of retirement for his friend’s big debut. See for yourself what happens when the “trap boy” hooks up with the “track star” on a snowy winter day in Chicago for this action-packed encounter that includes plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, toe-sucking, deep-throating, ass-eating, and aggressive RAW fucking! It’s fun to watch Lil Jake slowly shake off his newbie nerves and prove to his new fans that the potential they glimpsed in his recent solo audition wasn’t a fluke. Like Mar repeatedly exclaims throughout much of this scene, Lil Jake is a FREAKBefore you know it, he’s grabbing Mar by the back of the head and aggressively mouth-fucking the Jamaican boy’s thick, sexy lips. He even lets Mar feast on his own tiny, tempting hole before sliding that thick, RAW dick deep inside the slim track star’s tight muscle-butt and delivering a debut performance you will NOT want to miss!